A Quick Background on Why I Got Started

Like most people, the frequency of natural disasters in the past few years has given me a fair amount of anxiety. I knew that I needed to get my family prepared, but I didn’t know to what degree. I knew there are the simple emergency kits you can buy online with a generic first aid kit that contain maybe 6 bandaids and some burn ointment. I also knew there were people out there with bunkers full of emergency supplies waiting for the end of the world. For me, I wanted something in the middle. If you have ever youtube’d funny cat videos and then ended up four hours later googling how to speak giraffe, then you will understand my personality. My quest for an appropriate emergency bag lead to a solid month and half of research. I took emergency preparedness seriously but not so seriously that I was willing to convert my backyard into an apocalypse safe-zone.


Survival Backpacks…for Christmas?

After all of my research, I had finally built (in my opinion) an adequate bag for my family. I felt like I accomplished the Boston Marathon. I was so proud of my backpack I sent my spreadsheets of research to my extended family and friends and urged them to build their own. Unfortunately, my list had the opposite effect and produced widespread panic within my tiny social circle, all of them demanding that I just give them my bag so they wouldn’t have to read through all of my natural disaster mumbo jumbo and the various injuries that are caused by not having the appropriate flash light.  So last Christmas, I did just that. I created a “DIY survival backpack” for each member of my extended family. They opened their gifts and promptly put them in their hall closets (closest to door!) and went back playing with their new iPad.


I Created This Site for You!

While I knew my family and friends appreciated the gesture, I still had all of this information that I had collected. So, I decided to create this site to share what I have learned as an average family man (who isn’t the Rock) trying to get his family prepared for an emergency. I am in no way an expert, but I figured all of my googling should be helpful to some people out there. And full disclosure, this site does contain affiliate links. However, the pennies I make in no way allows me to quit my day job, but does allow me to keep my bag updated with fresh supplies every 2 to 3 years. Please browse around – most people start by reading our short introduction article on survival backpacks and emergency kits or you can get right into building your backpack at our Shop. Let me know what you think and if you have a similar story, I would love to hear it!


Need to get in contact? Email hello@diysurvivalbackpack.com