We know it’s not fun having to think about emergencies, but we believe that some preparation can go a long way.

We are here to help make building your custom survival backpack / emergency kit as easy as possible.

How easy? Typically it takes less than one hour. Not a bad trade-off for peace of mind that your family will be prepared for any emergency.

Building Your Custom Survival Backpack

Here’s the entire process in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 (less than 5 minutes): Read our introduction article on survival backpacks and emergency kits.


Step 2 (less than 5 minutes): Decide which items you want to focus on, either Essential or Premium items. Essential items are for those that are budget conscious. Premium items are Essential items that are upgraded with some extras.


Step 3 (30 minutes): Select the items from the Shop that you want included in your backpack. We will provide recommendations, but ultimately you are in control to decide what items custom-fit your needs.


Step 4 (20 minutes): Checkout via Amazon. Wait for your items to arrive and pack them into your backpack. Then, take comfort in the fact your family will be better prepared for any emergency.


I’m Ready To Get Started!

Don’t have the time?

While we highly suggest building your own survival backpack / emergency kit, we know your time is valuable. Check out our recommendations for ready-made kits

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